Long Range Wireless Door Reed to Pager Kit


Create a “Hospital in the Home”, But Keep the Home Environment.

Dementia Australia has some good information on how to care for someone who wanders. Click here to read more.  The Door to Pager Kit allows a carer to freely walk about the house and garden knowing that if a door is opened, they will receive a message on their personal pager (range up to 100m).  The pager will instantly display “Door Alarm” as opposed to “Bed Alarm” or “Pendant Alarm”.

The Door Alarm Kit is easy to set up. Simply fit the two parts of the magnetic door reed switch to the door and architrave and connect it to the door transmitter as described in the easy to follow instructions. As the door is opened and the two parts of the door reed come apart the transmitter is activated sending a signal to the pager.

Both the pager and door alarm transmitter are battery powered with user replaceable batteries.

You can monitor multiple doors by adding extra door reeds/transmitters and you can add pendants and fixed call points with out of bed floor mats and the like.

Speak to one of our friendly sales team and allow us to create a “hospital in the Home” package that meets your specific requirements.

The transmitter is housed in a box measuring 82mm x 53mm x 28. The transmitter box has an On/Off Switch and transmission LED. The transmitter will transmit repeatedly until the door is closed or the transmitter switched off. Because some doors are different to others, the cable length between the reed switch and transmitter is 1 meter in length. This can be shortened to the most practical length if required and easily re-terminated on the reed switch via screw terminals.




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