Toilet Alarm



This system is ideal for a disabled toilet alarm, school sick bay room, small medical clinics and similar applications.


The Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit comes complete with a 12v power pack and will require a cable (single pair) to be run from the call point to the over door light. The distance between the call point and the over door light can be  up to 400 meters. The over door light is fitted with a buzzer and will continue to sound and flash until the call point’s cancel button is pressed. The silicon call button is back lit and is available in green with “Call” or red with “Emergency” printed.

 A higher level Assist alarm can be generated by pressing both the call and cancel buttons together in times of duress.

An Assist alarm will flash the over door light and and buzz at a faster cadence. Often multiple over door lights are required, typically one out side the toilet and and another in reception.  You can purchase additional Over Door Lights on the Safe Life website. Click here.

The toilet Alarm has many applications.  On request the call point can also be supplied with a pendant cord jack which allows a corded pendant  to be connected. This is ideal for a patient to call for help in a day surgery, dentist or school sick bay situation.  It can also be fitted with a receiver which allows for remote pendant activation from a procedure chair, bed  or other location. The remote pendant is optional and has a range of about 15 meters. Being very reliable and having very little to go wrong you would expect to get many years of service from the  toilet alarm.

See the demonstration videos below. Many configurations of call points and lights with and without buzzers are available.


View the Toilet Alarm Specification Sheet


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Contact us for more information about this product range.

Contact us for more information about this product range.
Contact us for more information about this product range.

Toilet alarm instructions

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Toilet Alarm Wiring Diagram

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