Safe-Life is an NDIS registered provider

Safe-Life, a leading supplier of Assistive Technology devices and falls prevention products, is now registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This means that Safe-Life can provide their products to people who have been approved for funding under the Scheme. As a registered NDIS provider, Safe-Life promises to provide quality products for people with disabilities and will also offer information about how to make sure you receive the best care possible.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides funding for participants to purchase goods and services that will assist in their everyday life. Funding is allocated to the individual, and the individual or their guardian/Plan manager can choose which provider supplies the funded goods and services.

There are three models of funding by which you can purchase any product from Safe Life.

How are you managed?

How your plan can be managed:

There are three ways to manage an plan – self-managed, plan-managed, or NDIA-managed.

If you areNDIA managed”

If the NDIS funds are managed by the NDIA, payments are made directly to Safe-Life and the person can then receive their personal alarm

Step 1.  Complete the NDIS Service agreement

Step 2.  Safe Life will then access funding from via the NDIS portal then we process your order and ship the goods.

If you are “Self-Managed”

If you have chosen a Self-Managed NDIS Plan –

Step 1. You request a quote from Safe Life. This is provided within one business day.

Step 2. You place the order via email to

Step 3.  Safe-Life process and ships the order.

Alternatively, you place the order via the website and request for your NDIS details to be noted on the invoice.

If you have a “Plan Managed Fund” or are “Self-Managed”

If you have Plan Managed funds, Safe-Life will provide you with a quote and speak with the Plan Manager to arrange payment.

Step 1. Your Plan Manager requests a quote from Safe Life. This is provided within one business day.

Step 2.  The Plan Manager places the order via email to

Step 3. We process the order and email the provisional invoice to the Plan manager

Step 4.  Safe-Life ships the order once the Plan Manager has paid.

Our NDIS Provider Number 4050109546