Elderly Fall Prevention Devices

Falls prevention alarms for the aged and disabled.

Falls prevention alarms for the aged and disabled. These alarms alert a carer when a resident has lifted themselves up off of a chair or bed without assistance.

Falls prevention for the elderly alarms vary and are also available as a  pendant, that will alert you when a fall has occurred.

The range of falls prevention alarms include:

  • Hard wired Bed/ Chair and Floor mats
  • Cordless Bed/ Chair and Floor mats
  • PIR sensors
  • GPS pendant
  • Blue phone medical alarm
  • Salcom Pendant to Pager Kit
  • Cura 1 Pull String Monitor
  • Cura 1 Budget pager and pendant Kit

Without falls prevention alarms, it is very dangerous for a person of high falls risk.

The falls prevention range seen on the Safe-life website has all been industry tried and tested throughout aged care facilities and hospitals and are now available for purchase through the safe-life website for the home.

Falls Prevention Alarms Provide Warnings to Caregivers

To reduce the risk of falls among the elderly and disabled, we have a variety of safe and convenient falls prevention alarms and other assistive care devices that provide warnings to caregivers at home or in aged care facilities. Our extensive range of fall prevention kits have alarms to notify staff when patients have moved off their bed or chair without assistance and are at risk of falling. We invite you to contact us for professional advice when you have a unique situation and require assistance.

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