Passive and non obtrusive, bed alarms are long lasting and a favorite for many facilities. Bed alarms are designed for easy use and will detect and alert as soon as a resident leaves the bed.

We offer a variety of bed alarms that can be used for different purposes, such as wireless, hard-wired, bed wetting alarms, and sensor beam bed alarms.


Wireless Bed Alarms

Our Wireless Bed Alarm Kits are the newest innovation in bed safety and security, and are perfect for those who need it most – the elderly, hospitalized, and disabled. They are easy to install and use, and are an economical solution for additional safety and security in your home or facility.

Wireless bed alarms are alarm systems that are used in hospitals, aged care facilities, home care and disability services to keep patients or residents safe and secure when they are sleeping or otherwise being cared for. Bed alarms are useful in situations where a person may need assistance, such as when they are unable to speak or move, or if they are at risk of harm. They can also be used to help prevent harm or injury, such as when a person is unable to call for help, or when they are at risk of harm in their own home.Bed alarms are used in hospitals and aged care facilities, but there is growing interest in using them in home care and disability services. They could be especially beneficial for people with disabilities.

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Hard-Wired Bed Alarms

A traditional hard-wired bed alarm/safety system consists of an electrical device (also known as a bed sensor or bed alarm) and an alarm.
The bed pad has been used reliably for many years to prevent falls and incontinence in the aged care industry. The primary purpose of a bed pad is to absorb moisture, preventing incontinence and minimizing the risk of falls. While this is the most common use for bed pads, there are other benefits to using them. It’s not uncommon for people to use a waterproof mattress protector, which can also help to prevent moisture from causing discomfort and other issues.
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Sensor Beam Bed Alarms

The Sensor Beam Bed Alarm is a new and exciting way to detect when someone is in your bed without disturbing your sleep. The Sensor Beam Bed Alarm is a passive device that detects movement and uses that information to trigger an Out of Bed PIR Alarm. The Sensor Beam Bed Alarm is a non-invasive way to detect when someone is in your bed without disturbing your sleep. It is a favorite among hospitals and nursing homes because of its long-lasting battery life and low maintenance requirements.

Sensor beam bed alarm

Bed Wetting

Bed wetting alarms detect when a person has wet the bed, and can be used in a range of settings. In home and aged care environments, they can ensure that the safety of aged and disabled people is not compromised by accidents caused by incontinence. They can also provide peace of mind for carers, by letting them know before accidents occur, so that they can respond in time. They can also help carers reduce the workload by signaling them if a resident has wet the bed so that they can respond more quickly and keep residents clean and safe.

The Cura1 bed wetting alarm will alert the carer when a loved one or resident has a bedwetting accident.

Features include:

Made from soft non-allergenic PVC
Re-useable & easy to clean
Instructions for hygiene & use printed on the bedwetting pad
In-home and Nursing Home kits are available

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