Telstra managed SIM – Acceptable use policy

Telstra managed SIM – Acceptable use policy

Definitions of key terms

PET: (Personal emergency transmitter, i.e., Safe-Life Personal Medical Alarm 4G)

SAFE-LIFE (Alerting Devices PTY LTD trading as Safe-Life)

END USER (Person/s using the PET)


The intention of this policy is to establish when SAFE-LIFE PET devices installed with the Telstra managed SIM card can be used by an END USER

Proper Use

An END USER may use the SOS & side-talk buttons on the PET in emergency situations only.

They may also be used when testing the PET – initially and in suitable intervals (3 months), testing within reasonable terms e.g one press of SOS button to test mobiles numbers are correct.

The END USER may not use the SIM service in a way which is ‘improper’ or ‘unacceptable’

Improper use

SAFE-LIFE considers the END USERS use of the service improper if you use it in a way which is other than SAFE-LIFE intended it for.

An END USER shall not use the PET like a traditional mobile communication device. If the END USER wishes to use the PET device in this way, the END USER should contact the SAFE-LIFE team to discuss options.

Excessive use

SMS & Voice usage for every PET is monitored by SAFE-LIFE, if SAFE-LIFE deems the usage patterns to be excessive (used significantly more than the device is typically used in emergency situations) the END USER will be contacted by SAFE-LIFE to discuss usage options. We reserve the right to implement further charges for excess operation (see Improper use) or discuss the choice to transfer the Telstra SIM card into the END USER’s name.

Yearly recharge of your SIM card

SAFE-LIFE allocates the initial 12 months of credit to your SIM card. Every 12-month period, you are required to recharge $60.00 to continue using our service. We will contact you with instructions on how to recharge, or you can set up a direct debit during the initial setup.