The wide range of bathroom and toileting accessibility products offered by Safe-Life helps elderly, disabled, and post-surgery patients live a more comfortable life. Users suffering from reduced mobility should plan and make the necessary purchases for bathroom accessibility products in order to prevent accidents and injuries. Bathroom assistive devices handle user’s daily activities in the bathroom & toilet, helping to avoid accidents and injuries.

We offer a variety of bathroom aids that can be used for different purposes, such as shower chairs, shower stools, shower commodes, and more.

Shower Stools & Chairs

A slippery shower or bath can make it difficult to stay balanced, particularly when you’re in a wheeled chair. Using a shower chair, shower stool or bath chair can help make bathing safer by ensuring a secure area. They are particularly beneficial for those who find excessive movement difficult or painful, including the elderly, disabled and wheelchair users.

Shower Stool

Commodes & Toileting Aids

Shower Chair

Mobile Shower Commodes

Shower Commode

Bath Seats, Boards and Benches

Bath board seat