Hardwired Bed Alarms, Pads, Under Mattress Sensors & Accessories

The bed pad has been used reliably for many years within the aged care industry to prevent falls.

The anti bacterial bed pad is placed underneath the mattress protector and connected to the facility nurse call system via a monitor. As the resident attempts to lift themselves off the bed staff are notified. Therefore reducing the risk of a fall.

Due to the bed pad being installed inconspicuously under the mattress protector the resident is less aware of being monitored and this is sometimes a better option to a traditional floor mat.

Our Safe Life kit’s for both facilities and home come complete with all necessary items allowing for a plug and play system.  Both the Safe Life and Cura1 monitors are capable of monitoring bed and chair pads and floor mats for a stand alone system for the home. Replacements bed and chair pads are also sold separately.

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