Additional Toilet Alarm Over Door Light with Piezo



Prices do not include GST as Medical Alarm Devices are GST free. GST will apply when used for duress or commercial purposes. Please contact us for a quote.


This Toilet Alarm  is ideal for a disabled toilet ,  school sick bay room, small medical clinics and similar applications.

Additional over door lights with piezo can be located in other areas such as the reception area.


Toilet Alarm Over Door Light and Piezo Sounder

You can have multiple Over Door Lights wired in series  from a single Toilet Alarm call point.

The super bright LED mounted on a one gang electrical plate will flash in cadence with the piezo sounder.

Often there might be on over door light outside the toilet and another in the reception or other administration /staff areas.

This alarm in not only ideal for toilets but also school sick bays or anywhere a call for help button is required and a cable can be run from the call point to the over door lights.

If cabling is difficult  please look at the Self Installed Wireless range of products which requires no cabling.

Only a figure 8 cable is needed from the call point to the over door light or if preferred a cat 5 or 6 can be used and the cable length can be up to 400 metres.