Long Range Wireless / Out of Bed Sensor Beams & Pendant to Pager Kit


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Create a “Hospital in the Home”, But Keep the Home Environment.

This Home Care Kit allows a carer to freely walk about the house and garden (Range up to 100M) with the knowledge help is just a push  of a button away for the one you’re caring for. If the user attempts to get out of bed their legs will break the invisible sensor beam and you will be informed via your professional use pager.

Simply attached the sensor beams to the wall at the head of the bed 40cm off the floor and 10 – 15 cm out from the bed head (brackets provided).  As the user swings their leg over the side of the bed, the invisible sensor beam is broken.  This kit includes a corded pendant and double adapter to allow the sensor beams and corded pendant to connect to the same call point transmitter. If you wish you can add a wireless pendant so when the user is out of bed they have a portable personal call for help button. Transmitters are  programmed prior to delivery and can be personalised with the user’s name. 

You may consider purchasing the optional Portable Transmitter instead of the Fixed Wall Call Point for this kit. The Portable Transmitter can be easily moved from room to room allowing you to use the same transmitter for various sensory devices Safe Life offer. 

If a sensor beam kit is not your preference for detecting out of bed, you may like to look at the floor mat and bed pad alternatives. 

The pager, floor mat and other parts are hospital grade quality so you can expect to get many years service from this kit.

Speak to one of our friendly sales team and allow us to create a “hospital in the Home” package that meets your specific requirements.




The bed exit sensor beam alert and pendant medical alarm kit consists of:


Professional Pager A-PAGER-7950

Fixed Call Point A-SAL-GP-PC-01

Pendant cord A-BARREL-GRIP-3M

Double Adapter A-ADAP-02-S-01


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