Single Bed Exit PIR – Motion Sensor Beam


The PIR projects an invisible beam along side the bed which tappers down to meet the floor at the end of the bed allowing care staff to walk around the bed.

If the resident swings a leg out of the bed the invisible beam is broken and an alarm is generated through the facilities nurse call system.

NEW AND IMPROVED – Now incorporates LED light indication for armed and unarmed status.



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Single Bed Exit PIR

The Bed Exit PIR comes with a bracket and fits to the wall at the head of the bed 40cm off the floor. The wall mount bracket is made of durable plastic which protects the PIR sensor.

The PIR connects to the facility nurse call system at the over bed call point.

Being a discreet system with no moving parts or obvious controls the Bed Exit Sensor PIR is non invasive and robust.

Spare brackets are inexpensive and readily available so the system can be moved from room to room as required, leaving the bracket on the wall for future use.  The PIR comes complete with a power pack and is turned on and off at the in-line switch located close to the bed side call point.

The  standard connection is a 6.3 mm tip and sleeve stereo connection wired as mono which suites most all nurse call systems.

If you’re unsure what type of connection you require for your nurse call system please call Safe Life for further information.

Trial periods are available with this product and don’t forget to purchase a double adapter to allow the resident’s pendant cord to also connect to the over bed call point.


Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Connection to Nurse Call

Stereo (2 Black rings), Mono (1 Black ring)

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