Hospital in the Home Range - Long Range Wireless For Home Care

Create a “Hospital in the Home” but keep the Home Environment

The Hospital in the Home Range consists of one or more long range transmitters and a professional pager allowing a carer to get about their daily business knowing that help is just a press of a button. Typical range is up to 150 meters. This range of products includes out of bed senors by way of floor mats, bed pads or sensor beams, personal pendants both bedside and remote pendants allowing the user to roam. We can also monitor the opening of a door and you can have many transmitters each with their own identity. You can also use multiple pagers. You can choose a kit or if you wish call one of our friendly sales team and discuss your precise requirements and we will provide you with a quote.

Pre-programmed before delivery and easily set up. You would expect to get may years use from these professional products and you can add extra devices as required. Also being very portable you can mix and match and move from room to room when required to monitor out of bed, out of chair and the like.

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