Safe Life Half Sized Floor Mat (Hardwired)



The half sized floor mat measures 52 x 58 cm and is ideal for home care use, it is also preferred by some aged care facilities due to its smaller size and softer “Yoga” surface texture. In an aged care facility as soon as a resident steps on the mat, an alarm call is generated via the facilities nurse call system. For use in the home a hardwired or wireless monitor is required. Reliable and durable, floor mat detection is a trusted and economical method detecting a resident attempting to exit a bed.    


Safe Life Half Sized Floor Mat – Hardwired

When the half sized floor mat is used in an aged care facility this mat connects to the over bed call point by a standard 6.3 mm plug. A double adapter will be needed if the resident requires a pendant cord to be connected to the over bed call point as well.

For home use, be sure to choose the mat with the RJ type connection for use with the Safe Life and CURA1 monitors.

The combination of monitor and mat is also available in a ready to go kit form

That mat can be wiped and hosed down, but due to the softer textured top it will take a little while longer to dry off than our other mats.

Features and Benefits

  • Non slip & Low profile
  • Soft “Yoga” textured top
  • Comes with 6.3 mm or RJ Connector plug
  • Measures 52 cm x 58 cm
  • Ideal for facility and home use
  • Easy to store and freight
  • Easy to clean – hose and wipe
  • Non-foldable, store flat
  • Has no weak link break cord
  • 6 month warranty


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 84 × 65 × 1 cm
Connection to Nurse Call

Stereo (2 Black rings), Mono (1 Black ring)

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