Watch Alarm 4G – For medical purposes & lone workers

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Watch alarm coming soon, running on the 4G network, with falls detection.

Call For Help With The Press of a Button – Peace of Mind, Anytime, Anywhere – on the 4G Network with 3G backup

The Safe Life 4G Watch Alarm for the elderly has many features. Press the SOS side button and the device will send out an SMS message to up to 10 pre-programmed mobile phone numbers. This alerts your carer network when you need help. The SMS message will also inform the carers where you are located via a Google Maps link. When the carer responds by calling into the watch alarm, this incoming call will answer in speaker phone mode automatically, without the user needing to push any buttons.

Alternately, if preferred, the personal alarm can immediately dial the first carer and then subsequent carers after the emergency SMS has sent. Important note for pacemaker users: Consult your doctor prior to using this product – more information here.

Caring for people with extra needs

Falls Detection: By turning on the falls detection sensor, all pre-programmed contacts will receive an SMS message when a fall has detected. 

Locating: When caring for someone who may wander, text “LOC” and the Safe Life watch alarm will respond by sending you a location report via SMS to a Google Maps link. It can also do this via the mobile app.

GEO Fence: Set a Geo Fence (or multiple). When the pendant breaches the invisible boundary, the carers will receive an SMS message alerting them.

Inactivity Monitoring: When activated, the no movement detection will start an alarm if the pendant has been stationary for a preset period of your choice. Whist the device in on charge in the dock the no movement is temporarily inactive. 

Why get a Personal Watch Alarm?

A personal watch alarm might seem unnecessary when you are youthful, but it could work as a life saviour for your elderly and debilitated relatives.

You may experience anxious feelings if they live alone, repeatedly thinking about their well-being, possibly because of frail health. The elderly are more susceptible to falls and injuries.

Regrettably, sometimes, family members & friends do not realize that their elderly relatives need help until it is too late.

Thus, to avert such unfortunate situations, getting them a personal watch alarm can be the ideal thing you can do for yourself and your cherished ones. 

Condensed and simple to carry, a personal watch alarm comes in a wristwatch form. It gives the elderly a sense of autonomy, as they can revel in their interests & hobbies without fretting about their security & freedom. 

  • Telstra 4G network
  • Accurate GPS positioning with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth back up
  • A Bluetooth docking hub for in door location
  • Falls Detection
  • Lightweight & Waterproof to IPX7
  • For use in the community and at home
  • No monitoring fees. Monitored by friends, family and neighbours.
  • Professional monitoring is also available. Ask us for more details
  • Receive SOS Alarm by SMS message and phone call–No APP needed!
  • Optional Mobile phone tracking and programming APP available
  • Alarm and low battery voice announcements via watch
  • Easy to re-program
  • Step counter
  • Personalised out-going Emergency SMS message
  • No movement Alarm
  • Optional Alarm Clock
  • Changeable watch strap
  • Hands-free two-way voice contact
  • Programmable with up to 10 emergency phone numbers
  • Friendly support staff in the Safe Life office

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Medical, Lone worker


Medical use, Lone Worker

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