Modular Pendant Cord with Light Switch Button

SKU: A-95107-2-3M


This 3 Meter pendant cord is the same as the standard single button Modular Pendant cord but has an extra switch designed to also accommodate low voltage light control switching.



Designed to accommodate low voltage light control switching as well as normal call for help requirements.

The light switch function is call point dependent.

Note. Although this model operates satisfactorily into a normally configured call-point 6.3 mm socket by triggering a normal alarm by the pressing of either buttons, to use the yellow light switch button as intended it is important to note that a special version of the bedside call-point will be required along with the associated isolated latching relay device that processes the 240v AC switching function.

Whereas all other cord pendants use the tip and sleeve of the stereo 6.3 mm jack, this version uses ring and sleeve (sleeve is common) for the purposes of allowing the resident to switch the light on and off via the cord pendant.

  • Standard 3 meter length
  • Tactile feel and sound on button actuation
  • Comes with sheet clip
  • 12 Months warranty



Additional information

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 24 × 25 × 6 cm