Safe Life ‘go anywhere’ Pendant with GPS Positioning – PERSONAL ALARM


Call For Help With The Press of a Button – Anywhere, Anytime – Telstra 3G 

For very special pricing considering the closure of the 3G network in 2024, call us on 03 9588 0392 or email us at

By Purchasing this item you understand that the 3G network will close down in 2024, and this 3G Pendant will no longer work from then-on after

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The Safe Life Pendant can be used for many applications such as:

  • Knowing the whereabouts of your children
  • Aged Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Retirement Village use
  • Farm work and lone workers
  • People with disabilities
  • Personal Security
  • Health Professionals and more




Operates on the Telstra 3G Network Australia wide  –  Free Shipping on this item

Now delivered pre-programmed, complete with an activated SIM Card and $30 credit.

The Safe Life SOS Emergency GPS Personal Alarm has many features; When pressing the SOS button the device will send out an SMS message to up to 5 pre-programmed mobile phone numbers. The SMS message these contacts will receive will alert them that help is needed. When the carer responds by calling into the pendant this incoming call will be answered in speaker phone mode automatically without the user having to push any more buttons.

GPS: The outgoing emergency SMS message will also contain the user’s location by way of GPS locating technology. This is easily viewed on the carer’s smart phone. Alternately, if preferred the pendant can immediately dial the first carer then subsequent carers after the emergency SMS has been sent.


Caring for people with extra needs

Locating: If you’re caring for someone who might wander off, simply text “LOC” for locate and the Safe Life Pendant will respond by sending  you a location report viewable on Google Maps.

GEO Fence: You can also set a GEO Fence, if the pendant breaches the invisible boundary, the carers will receive an SMS message alerting them.

Falls Detection: By turning on the falls detection sensor, all pre-programmed contacts will receive an SMS message when a fall has been detected. The Safe Life Pendant is a top selling product. It has many applications and works consistently well.

SIM Card information

For optimum coverage the device operates on the Telstra 3G Network only.

You will receive your order with an activated SIM card, and $35 Pre-paid credit. You will be required to authorise us to activate the SIM card in your name.

The SIM account credit will not expire for 365 days  UNLESS you use it all before the expiry date. It is important to monitor the SIM card usage on-line to ensure the SIM account has credit allowing the device to rem ain operational. This can be monitored online.

Wholesale customers please note: Free SIM Card, programming and free freight only available to retail customers.

Call For Help With The Press of a Button

The Safe-Life Pendant Personal Alarm comes complete with a desk top charger/docking station which can ideally be located on the bedside table.

Instructional videos can be seen below or click here

Other features include:

  • For use in the community and at home
  • Two vibrant colours
  • Easy to program & use
  • Professional monitoring available
  • Light weight
  • Personalised out-going Emergency SMS message
  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • Falls Detection
  • Two way voice contact
  • Programmable with up to 5 contact numbers (Mobile phones preferred)
  • Geo Fence
  • Overall Battery Life: approx. 5 yrs minimum
  • Rechargeable battery & low battery reporting
  • 2 – 3 days battery life on Power Saving mode, 18-24 hours battery life if on Live Tracking mode (best for GPS and GEO Fence use)
  • 6 cm x 4.5 cm x 1.5 cm
  • Waterproof up to IPX5 when all silicon lugs are in place (including lugs over screws on rear of device)
  • Silicon Lugs to improve water resistance
  • Pre-Paid SIM Card supplied
  • 1 year warranty


Additional information

Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 8 cm

Black, Blue, Green, Pink

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