Lone Worker Alarm 4G with GPS – With SIM card






The Most Advanced Lone Worker Emergency Location Device

 Call For Help With The Press of a Button – Peace of Mind, Anywhere, Anytime – on the 4G Network

The New Generation Safe Life Lone Worker’s Personal Alarm can be used for many OH&S applications, such as: 

  • Children
  • Security patrol workers
  • Council workers
  • Family violence situations
  • Service people traveling and working alone
  • Teachers
  • Mining industries
  • Farm work 
  • Constriction workers
  • Uber  Drivers 
  • Retail stores

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For OH&S Applications (GST Applies)

We specially programmed the Safe Life 4G Lone Worker Personal Alarm to provide the most suitable method of operation, given the specific workers’ requirements. This includes options for silent running, fall detection, speed alert and different monitoring options. Special pricing is also available when you purchase multiple units.

Press the SOS button and the Lone Worker alarm will send out an SMS message containing your position as determined by satellite GPS technology. If preferred, the pendant can also immediately dial the first carer and then subsequent carers after the emergency SMS sends. This all happens quickly at the press of a button. Your carer network knows you need help or may be in danger and can make voice contact or listen in while emergency services dispatch.

Our Safe-Life 4G Lone Worker alarm has a feature set specifically designed for OH&S needs. This includes our default “duress mode” in which we turn voice announcements off for the alarm calls, especially needed when in a threatening situation. Get in contact with us & we can tailor the Lone Worker alarm to your specific requirements.

When the carer responds by calling into the pendant, this incoming call will answer in speaker phone mode automatically, and the user doesn’t need to push any buttons.


Monitoring options –

Professionally Monitored

We offer professional monitoring solutions, which include 24/7 monitoring & a daily email report.

Call or email us for more details.

Self monitored via SMS

This is the standard setup, monitored by yourself, with no ongoing costs.

Self monitored via Smart Phone APP (Optional, call us for more details)

You can use the Safe Life 4G Lone Worker alarm with a mobile phone APP so that you may live track and program from the application rather than text messages. However, please note – This is an affordable paid service.

If you would like to take up this option and are using a Safe-Life provided Telstra managed SIM, please call Safe-Life to discuss pricing options.

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Corporate evaluation package

If you are interested in 10 devices or more, we have a corporate evaluation package available, which includes free of charge week long loan pendants sending alarms to the evaluator’s own mobiles phone and 1 week of professional monitoring. Contact us for more details.

Caring for staff and other people at risk

Locating: If your lone worker is non contactable, you can text “LOC” and the lone worker pendant will respond by sending you a location report via Google Maps. You can also do this via the mobile APP.

GEO Fence: Set a Geo Fence (or multiple). When the pendant breaches the invisible boundary, the carers will receive an SMS message alerting them.

Falls Detection: By turning on the falls detection sensor, all pre-programmed contacts will receive an SMS message when a fall has been detected. This is sometimes an essential function for the lone worker.

Inactivity Monitoring: When you receive your pendant, the No Movement detection is turned off. This can easily be activated, now if the device detects no movement for a predetermined period of time, a No Movement alarm will be sent to the carer network. Whist the device in on charge in the dock the no movement is temporarily inactive.

SIM Card and Programming – What’s included in your purchase or talk to us about professional monitoring options.

When we receive notification of your purchase, we will contact you regarding the programming of your device and for authority to activate the SIM card in your name. This means your device will be ready to turn on and use when you receive your parcel.  

Your Safe Life Pendant will arrive programmed with an active SIM card in your name with $60 credit on a 365-day Telstra managed SIM with unlimited emergency SMS & Voice enabled, acceptable use policy applies. 

After 365 days, your plan will expire and we will be in contact with you to re-apply more funds. After the first year, the cost will be $60* annually.

Wholesale customers please note: Free SIM Card, programming and free freight are only available to retail customers.

You are also welcome to provide your own SIM card. Call us to discuss the cost of the device if you choose to go this route.

*Subject to change, Safe-Life reserves the rights to amend the running costs of the Telstra managed SIM plan.

Wholesale customers please note: Free SIM Card, programming and free freight are only available to retail customers.

Smart Docking Station /Charger/GPS Fixed locator

The Safe Life 4G Personal Alarm comes complete with a bedside docking charger. As the pendant is placed in the dock, the announcement, “Your alarm is charging ” is sounded. There is also the ability to fix a GPS location for the dock, so when at home and the pendant is connected to the dock via its Bluetooth connectivity, this location will be reported if an alarm is activated. This is particularly good if you live in an apartment complex or as GPS locating via satellite works best outdoors.

Safe Life Pendant For Medical Alarm Applications

For Medical alarm purposes, primarily caring of the elderly and other people at risk for medical reasons, click here (GST exemption applies for genuine medical applications).

Other features include:

  • Telstra 4G network
  • Accurate GPS positioning with WiFi and Bluetooth back up
  • A Bluetooth docking hub for in door location
  • Falls Detection
  • Lightweight & Waterproof to IP67
  • For use in the community and at home
  • Money back 14 Day trial period (See conditions)
  • Can be monitored by friends, family and neighbours (No Monitoring fees)
  • Professional monitoring available – Ask us for a recommendation
  • Receive SOS Alarm by way of SMS message and phone call – No APP needed!
  • Optional Mobile phone tracking and programming APP available
  • Alarm and low battery voice announcements via pendant
  • Easy to re-program
  • Personalised out-going Emergency SMS message
  • No movement Alarm
  • Optional Alarm Clock
  • Belt clip included
  • Hands-free two-way voice contact
  • Programmable with up to 10 emergency phone numbers
    • (both mobile phones and land lines may be added, however only the mobile phones will receive SMS messages and GPS location)
  • Friendly support staff in Safe Life office


  • Overall Battery Life: approx. 5 yrs minimum (replaceable battery – just call us!)
  • Rechargeable battery & low battery reporting via text message alerts
  • 2-3 days battery life, less if “Live Tracking” via APP
  • Waterproof up to IP67
  • 1 year warranty
  • 4G Network

The primary benefit of a duress alarm for a lone worker is the ability to provide immediate assistance in an emergency. This is especially useful for workers who work alone, such as delivery drivers, locksmiths, and construction workers. The silent mode allows the device to be used discreetly, without interrupting the workflow or causing suspicion. The speed alert feature allows the user to be warned when they approach their pre-defined maximum speed limit.

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