Cura1 Universal Floor Mat Wired Kit – Home Use



The Universal floor mat Wired Kit is equally effective for the home as in the professional environment.

The floor mat detects the addition of pressure and transmits this signal to the monitor, which will alert a carer via alarm or melody.

The reset button on the monitor can disarm so that you can use the magnetic care giver key in order to avoid the resident from cancelling a call.

The alarm on the monitor can also be on a delay so that a resident can move (i.e., go to the toilet) however if the floor mat has not activated within a 15 minute time frame will it will alarm.


Cura1 Universal Floor Mat Wired Kit Home Use

This kit is a simple and effective way of monitoring someone prone to falling who’s being cared for in the home.

The hard wired floor mat is to an industry standard and is an unobtrusive way of detecting someone attempting to exit an area. Connected to the monitor, it will then alert via melody or alarm, depending on the choice of the carer. Options for adding a wireless pager to alert the carer anywhere in the house are also available.

For more information on this, speak to one of our friendly staff.

This Kit Contains:

The Cura1 universal floor mat measures 122 x 61 cm and has a weak link break cord included.

The monitor comes with batteries (3 x AA), a separate power pack can power it (A-CBM&BME-PP.)

A low battery indicator will inform the carer when batteries are low to promote safe Cura1 Universal Floor Mat wired Kit use.

Video Tutorial Monitor


It is also possible to upgrade the Cura1 Universal Chair Pad Wired Kit Home Use to a wireless kit with an optional battery/transmitter (A-UNI-TX) & cordless falls monitor (A-CBM-02).