Cura1 Universal Floor Mat – 2692



Cura1 Universal Floor Mat has the benefit of operating either corded or cordless with the choice of either the universal pad transmitter to connect wirelessly or an RJ10 Universal Breakcord to connect wired.

As the resident places their foot on this floor mat the carer will be notified via the facilities nurse call system.

Also available in a kit form which includes interconnecting leads and a monitor power pack.

This Cura1 brand mat has a “yoga” soft top and is waterproof and washable. It is low profile and made of a non-slip material.

It has a press-stud protective pocket to house the transmitter/battery pack  (sold separately).

Wireless floor mats and transmitter/battery packs/breakcords are sold separately.

The transmitter/battery pack which is required for this mat is the A-UNI-TX transmitter module, the cord is A-UNI-BREAKCORD-USB-RJ10.

The Cura1 Universal floor mat and monitor is also available in a packaged kit form.

Cura SKU: 2692



Cura1 Universal Floor Mat

The Cura1 Wireless Floor Mat requires the use of A-UNI-TX  (Universal Pad Transmitter) or A-UNI-BREAKCORD-USB-RJ10 (Universal Breakcord)  in order to detect unassisted movement from a bed.

As a result, this decreases falls in the home and in the aged care industry.

The Cordless floor mat is made from a heavy- duty, non- slip material.

The cordless mat has a discreet pocket to insert the transmitter (A-UNI-TX) into to avoid damage.

The charcoal grey/ Black colour with a “Yoga Top” surface is soft and warm mat under foot.

When a resident attempts an unassisted exit onto the floor mat, the transmitter will send an alarm to the monitor. As a result alerting the carer to the bedside for assistance.

The Universal floor mat is available in kits to suit home care and residential age care applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Non slip and low profile
  • Soft “yoga” top (Polyurethane) and the bottom made from PVC.
  • Measures 122 cm x 61 cm
  • Portable – can be moved from room to room with ease
  • 18 Months Warranty
  • Recommended weight range for reliable operation: 30 – 200 kg.