Cura1 Universal Cordless Pad Transmitter – 2720



Fitting in the sensor pad neck enclosure, the Cura1 Universal Wireless Pad Transmitter is used to transmit the alarm call through to the Cura1 wireless monitor.


Cura1 Universal Pad Transmitter – For Universal sensor pads

The Cura1 Universal Pad Transmitter 2720 connects with the Cura1 Universal Floor, Bed and Chair pads.

When a resident is placed on a bed or chair mat, the pad transmitter will detect their weight. Therefore, any weight removed from the pad will trigger an alert signal via A-CBM or A-CURA-LED-PAGER and, as a result, send an out of bed alarm to notify a carer.

The transmitter uses a non- replaceable long life battery (Lithium) with 18 month life expectancy covering approximately 20-50 m range.

This new model now incorporates “sleep mode” when not in use, therefore extending battery life. Battery condition is monitored via the bedside control unit (Cura1 Wireless Monitor).

Up to 5 transmitters can be in use at the one time with one monitor and as a result can have a bed, chair and floor mat in operation simultaneously.

All Cura1 Universal pads and floor mats have the same unique connection and it is for that reason that we can swap the transmitter between pads and mats as required.

Above all, because of the size of the transmitter is not easily turned off by the elderly because of the dexterity required.

Features and benefits:

  • 433MHz operating frequency
  • Between 20- 50m range*
  • Uses a Lith-ION long life battery – 18 month battery & warranty
  • Will go into sleep mode when not in use to save battery life
  • Status/in-use LED indication
  • Communicates with A- CBM- or A-CURA-LED-PAGER
  • Incorporates on/off
  • Fits within universal floor, bed & chair sensor transmitter enclosure

Once turned on, this product had a lifespan of 18 months, even if the switch it turned to the off position again. At this point it is non-returnable & non-refundable.

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