Cura1 Foldable Floor Mat – Dual – Universal – 2672



Cura1 Universal Foldable Floor Mat

Cura1 Universal Foldable Floor Mat has the benefit of wireless & wired out of bed detection methods. Being foldable, it is easily stored, shipped and moved from room to room.

As the resident places their foot on this floor mat the carer will be notified via the facilities nurse call system or Cura1 monitor.

Also available in a kit form which includes interconnecting leads and a monitor power pack.

This Cura1 brand mat is waterproof and washable. It is low profile and made of a non-slip material.

It has a press-stud protective pocket to house the transmitter/battery pack  (sold separately).

Wireless floor mats, transmitter/battery packs and USB to RJ10 cords are sold separately.

The transmitter/battery pack which is required for this mat to operate wirelessly is the A-UNI-TX transmitter module and the Monitor is the Cura1  A-CBM-02.

For wired use is requires A-UNI-BREAKCORD-USB-RJ10 and a premium wired monitor.

The Cura1 Universal foldable floor mat and monitor is also available in a packaged kit form (A-UNI-DFMAT-W-FAC-KIT or A-UNI-DFMAT-MULTI-KIT).

Cura SKU: 2672


Cura1 foldable floor mat universal features

  • Trigger alarm when pressure is applied
  • USB breakaway cable to protect monitor
  • Foldable design for easy storage & transportation
  • Low-profile edges reduces tripping hazard & allows easy wheelchair access
  • Composed of durable, heavy duty, latex free vinyl with non-slip texture
  • Available in beige colour to help some Alzheimer patients who have trouble with dark mats being perceived as a “dark hole in the floor”
  • Guaranteed 18 month warranty


Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 122 x 61 cm
  • Auto alarm reset when back in bed or via Console
  • When fitted with a Universal Transmitter (A-UNI-TX 2720), Pads & Mats works with cura1 Cordless Receivers
  • When USB to RJ10 Breakaway Cable (A-UNI-BREAKCORD-USB-RJ10 2693) is used, Pads & Mats work with any Premium Monitor or receiver
  • Recommended weight range for reliable operation: 30 – 200 kg.