Cura1 Universal Bed Pad Kit Wireless – Facility Use



Complete for nurse call operations

Cura1 Universal Bed Pad Wireless Kit is complete for nurse call operation.

The pressure sensitive bed exit pad is placed under the mattress protector at shoulder position.

When a resident removes their body weight from the bed pad the transmitter sends an alarm to the monitor, which transmits an alarm via the nurse call system.

The Cura1 Cordless Monitor has the capability to monitor up to 5 wireless pads simultaneously.

The Universal transmitter fits in the neck of the bed pad remaining discreet.



Cura1 Universal Bed Pad Wireless Kit

The Cura1 Universal Bed Pad Wireless Kit comes complete with the following items:


Video Tutorial for Monitor

The Cura1 universal bed pad measures 76 x 25 cm, can be folded in half and had a weak link break cord included.
The monitor comes with a power pack and can also be powered by battery (3 x AA)
A low battery indicator will inform the carer when batteries are low to promote safe Universal Bed pad Kit use.

The monitor can also be used with the Cura1 and Safe Life range of bed and floor mats.

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