Cura1 Cordless Floor Mat Kit



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When the floor sensor mat detects pressure such as a foot step or a fall, care staff will be notified via the Nurse Call System. The floor mat can be moved around and used in many different ways – such as detecting when someone gets out of bed, monitoring doors and more. The Cura1 Wireless Floor Mat Kit consists of:

  • The large 120 x 60 cm “Yoga” soft top cordless mat,
  • Transmitter/battery pack,
  • The Cura1 wireless monitor
  • Power pack
  • 2m connection lead to a facility nurse call system
  • A pendant cord double adapter



Wireless Floor Mat Kit further information –

Wireless range for the Wireless Floor Mat Kit is up to 50 meters depending on environment.

The CBM-03 Monitor has the capability to monitor up to 6 cordless devices, such as floor and chair sensors, wireless pendants, the iBeam, Door reed switches and more. It may also monitor 1 hardwired sensor mat or pad.

The CBM-03  has an adjustable audible alert Low battery warning and pad signal lost warning LED. Pressing the Reset button will re-arm the monitor alternatively this can only be done by the care staff using a magnetic reset key which comes with the monitor.


Individual components – can be ordered separately

  • MAXIMAT-CL                      (Cura1 Wireless Floor Mat)
  • CCP-01                                    (Cura1 Wireless Chair Pad)
  • CK-01                                       (Cura1 Care Giver key)
  • CL433-TX-V5                         (Cura1 Transmitter/battery pack)
  • A-GCORD-2M                        (Male to Male cord for nurse call connectivity)
  • A-ADAP-01-S-1                      (Double Adaptor for Nurse Call Point)
  • CURA1 6V POWER PACK    (Plug Pack for Monitor if not used with batteries)

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 124 × 66 × 4 cm

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