Protrac ID Wanderer Alert System – 2R5002PW



This Australian made system is complimentary to all nurse call systems in any size facility and will detect residents as they attempt to leave the facility through a Protrac protected doorway.



ProtracID Wanderer Alert System – 2R5002PW

Use the Protrac iD dementia tracking device to keep an eye on your patients and receive notifications if they start to wander. The Protrac iD Patient Wandering Alert System is an effective tool for managing dementia. It involves a small, wristwatch-sized dementia bracelet tag attached to a standard hospital ID strap, which continuously tracks the patient’s location. This device not only ensures patient safety but also provides real-time location updates to staff and caregivers.

Developed by Protrac iD in Australia, these dementia tracking devices use RFID technology for anti-wandering solutions.

The Protrac iD dementia wandering bracelet is user-friendly and discreet. It features adjustable range detection, triggering an alarm when a patient enters a predefined danger zone. A central monitoring system receives signals from the bracelet, alerting staff to the patient’s movements.

This tracking system can be extended outdoors for monitoring areas like courtyards. The patient tracking software is straightforward to set up and operate. Safe zones are established using perimeter monitoring and door switches, with each installation tailored to the specific layout and needs of your facility.

Enjoy the reassurance of a tailor-made activity monitoring system. Stay informed about the whereabouts of wandering residents or dementia patients through timely location updates, alerts, and alarms.

Allowing up to 100 wrist tags (sold separately) to be worn at any one time the wanderer alert system is discreet and versatile.

The antenna which resembles a piece of Perspex can be mounted above the door and painted if desired otherwise placed inside the ceiling cavity. The ProtracID wrist tags have been designed with longevity in mind. Using a low powered radio frequency, the wrist pendants will have a 3 – 5 year life span. Unlike other wandering systems where their wandering wrist tags are disposable after the first year, more expensive and complex to program.

The Protrac ID wandering system – 2R5002PW – must be installed by a qualified installer. Please call Safe Life, who can organise installation nationally through our vast network of nurse call associates.


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