Cura 1 Floor Sensor Mat – Yoga Top (Hardwired)


Cura1 Hardwired Floor Sensor Mat

When the resident places their foot on the Cura1 Hardwired Floor Sensor Mat pressure mat, an alarm call will be generated as a result, informing the care staff by either the nurse call system or the Hardwired mat monitor (BME-03) Spare breakcords are available in mono and stereo.  (tip & ring and tip & sleeve  configurations – default supply is mono).  



Hardwired Floor Sensor Mat


The Cura1 Hardwired Floor Sensor Mat has a 2 meter lead with a weak link break cord along with a 6.3 mm plug which allows it to be connected to the residents over bed call point.

The mat Measures 120 cm x 60 cm and has a “yoga” soft top surface. This makes it a popular product.
If the resident requires a pendant cord to be used in conjunction, a double adapter would also be required to be purchased (A-ADAP-02).

  • Water proof and Washable
  • Made of non-slip low profile material vinyl
  • Spare Break Cords available Ex Stock
  • 6 Month warranty



Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 123 x 63 x 2 cm
Connection to Nurse Call

Stereo (2 Black rings), Mono (1 Black ring)

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