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Spares and replacements

We carry in stock replacement battery/transmitters, monitors, floor mats and everything you will require for a floor mat kit to continue to provide many years of service.

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  • wireless Pad Transmitter

    Cura 1 Cordless Transmitter/Battery Pack – For Wireless Sensor Pads & Mats – 2719

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  • Cura1 Multiport Receiver

    Cura1 Multiport Receiver – Wireless Nurse Call Upgrade – 2544

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  • Cura 1 Hardwired Monitor

    Cura1 Cordless Monitor – For Wireless Bed, Chair & Floor Pads – 2700

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  • Cura1 wireless floor mat

    Cura1 Cordless Floor Mat – 2624

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  • Cura 1 LED Pager - For in-home care

    Cura1 LED Pager – In-Home Care – 3508

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  • Carer Magnetic Key-ring Cancel Key (Recommended Part)

    Cura1 Carer Magnetic Key-Ring Cancel Key (Recommended Part) – 2642

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  • Cura1 Wall Mounted Multiport Receiver

    Cura1 Wall Mounted Multiport Receiver – Wireless Nurse Call Upgrade

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  • Double Adaptor

    Double Adapter – 6.35mm connector – Suits All Brand Nurse Call Systems

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  • falls monitor lead

    Monitor To Call Point Lead 2M

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  • Monitor Power Pack

    Power Pack for Safe Life and Cura1 Monitor – 2406

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Showing all 10 results