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Safe-Life Personal Alarm customers can be assured that M2M One will ensure that their loved ones will be able to reach them in an emergency.

M2M One provides the IoT connectivity services needed to deliver innovative solutions, such as the Safe-Life Personal alarms, that increase their peace of mind.

Having elderly or disabled family members, you probably worry that they may tumble, get sick, or experience some other emergency and be unable to reach you for assistance.

However, with Safe-Life, you can be confident that if your senior or disabled relative needs help from the police, paramedics, or you, they can get it with the simple push of a button on their Safe-Life Personal Alarm device in Australia.

Our business relies on reliable, “always-on” IoT connectivity for our devices – and for this connectivity, we turned to M2M One.

Emergency contacts can be notified by anyone via a simple process.

A Safe-Life Personal Alarm is a pendant or watch that calls and texts up to ten emergency contacts (including 000) or a monitoring centre when its SOS button is pressed or when a fall is detected. In addition to having a built-in microphone and speakers, the pendant or watch’s owner can speak with their emergency contacts via the microphone and speakers. The Safe-Life Personal Alarm automatically contacts the next of the ten people on the owner’s emergency contact list, until someone responds. It can also be set up to SMS only & the contacts can then call into the device, which automatically answers.

It’s a lot more than an easy way to inform spouses, family members, caregivers, friends, and first responders if they are injured, lost, or experience another emergency with the Safe-Life Personal Alarm. It can alert emergency contacts if it detects that the owner has fallen or is unconscious or otherwise non-responsive. A Global Positioning System (GPS) tracker that provides the owner’s location through Google Maps is also included.

The device is easy to use.

Disabled and non-tech savvy people can use the Safe-Life Personal Alarms without difficulty because of its different features. When activated in a duress situation, the pendant lets its owner’s emergency contacts know that he or she is getting assistance by ‘talking’ through how they contact people, letting them know that help is on the way and warning them to stop calling people if their alarm was accidentally activated or if help is already on its way. The Safe-Life Personal Alarm may be used to contact an emergency contact when their owner is not in danger, but just wants to say hello. Emergency contacts can contact the Safe-Life Personal Alarms if they have difficulties getting in contact with him or her in other ways. The quick-charging, waterproof IP67 Safe-Life Alarm can operate for days on a single charge and does not require ongoing service fees if monitored by family & friends.

The Safe-Life Personal Alarm systems have thousands of customers, the vast majority of whom are seniors or disabled people. Victims of domestic violence, line workers, forest rangers, security guards, and other people working alone at forestry, agricultural, industrial, or other facilities are among those who might alert emergency contacts to an immediate danger or other problem.

Safe-Life Alarms require “always-on” IoT connectivity.

We have to guarantee that our pendants can call and text the owner’s emergency contacts wherever they are in Australia – whether it be a remote town or a busy city – to provide peace of mind. The pendants must also be able to connect to Voice over LTE (VoLTE), which will allow Safe-Life Mobile Alarm owners to speak to their emergency contacts. In addition, the Australian government requires Safe-Life Alarms to register their pendant owners’ addresses in the Integrated Public Number Database (IPND). First responders can use the Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card in the pendant to look up the owner’s address if the pendant connects with them.

Safe-Life receives all of M2M One’s IoT connectivity solutions and more. For instance, Telstra’s 4G network, which is backed up by its 3G infrastructure, is accessible with M2M One. Because of this, We receive superior coverage in many areas, in addition to VoLTE support. Furthermore, M2M One’s wireless coverage package includes locations such as small, remote villages that are available as part of Telstra’s wholesale services as well as the mobile network operator’s retail package.

Before partnering with M2Mone, we utilised a less efficient, less secure, and less accurate procedure to update the IPND with customers’ addresses. This ensures that first responders always have the right address for Safe-Life customers. With IoT connectivity services like these, We can offer expert 365 day support at a price that reflects our needs for a low-data voice and SMS plan for each device.

Safe-Life’s simplicity and sophistication align with M2M One.

We offer customers the utmost simplicity when it comes to a mobile solution for communicating with others in case of a personal crisis. M2M One provides Safe-Life with the simple, always-on IoT connectivity solutions it needs to ensure that, whether they are physically or mentally active, customers can connect with others if they need assistance.

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