Important notice regarding the closure of the 3G network and your 4G Safe Life Pendant (or watch)


Why we need to address this.


With the imminent closure of the Telstra 3G network on 31st August 2024 and the Optus Network starting from 1st September 2024, it is imperative that “VoLTE” is enabled on the 4G Safe Life Pendant and Watch.

Doing this is easy. Once done, the device will continue to provide voice communication when the 3G network is discontinued. SMS Text messaging does not require VoLTE and will not therefore be affected.


Who needs to do this.

If your Safe Life personal alarm has an M2MOne Telstra SIM card supplied by Safe Life, we have already addressed this issue, unless we couldn’t connect to your device because it was off, or the password has been changed. In which case we will endeavour to contact you.

If you have supplied your own SIM card or your device has been supplied by a reseller you will need to make this change.

If you are unsure, it is a good idea to make this change as a precaution.


What you need to do.


To ensure the device is 4G ready you are required to SMS/Text it one simple command. Firstly, make sure the device is turned on.


If your SIM is on the Telstra Network, this instruction is the password followed by the command.  The below example is using the default password 123456


123456S1,Telstra.internet – The device will respond with “Set APN OK”



If your SIM is on the Optus Network this instruction is the password followed by the command.  


123456S1,yesinternet – The device will respond with “Set APN OK”



As the 3G networks close, we ask you to immediately test your device by generating an alarm and making voice contact through the device.


If you have any problems or need help, please contact our support team:


  • Phone: 03 9588 0392 (Hours: 9am to 5pm AEST Monday – Friday)
  • Email: