Cura1 Universal Bed Pad Kit Wireless- With Multiport Receiver


This universal wireless kit is designed to immediately alert that a person has exited the bed, by sending a signal through to the nurse call system when the resident moves off the wireless under mattress bed pad. safe-life-one-button-cord-barrel-chart

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The Cura1 Universal Bed Pad Kit – With Multiport Receiver KIT CONTAINS:
  • 1 x Cura1  Universal Transmitter 2720 (A-UNI-TX) more information here
  • 1 x Cura1 Universal Bed Pad 2691 (A-UNI-BP) more information here
  • 1 x Cura1 Wireless Multiport receiver – (Mini cordless monitor plugs direct to nurse call) 2544 (A-CL-MULTIPORT) more information here


(A-CL-MULTIPORT) connection is tip & sleeve or tip & ring

For information on the Multiport Receiver, click here.

Video Tutorial For Multiport Expander

A-UNI-TX & A-UNI-BP have an 18 month warranty

A-CL-MULTIPORT has a 12 month warranty  

Additional information

6.3mm Plug

Stereo Tip & Ring, Stereo Tip & Sleeve