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If you can’t find what your looking for at Safe Life, call or email us and will do our best to source the specific part you require. Our vast supply network along with our own work shop facility allows us to meet almost any demand.

Why You Need a Call Button

When you’re elderly and fall, or have an emergency, owning a call button assists you with acquiring medical attention when you need it the most. Many senior citizens prefer to take care of themselves and only want assistance from doctors or nurses when they require it. Call buttons are designed to send an alert to medical professionals via SMS when their services are needed. For those under home care and who are bedridden, we have a range of call buttons that you can attach to the bed and use when you need to get the attention of your nurse. Our corded call buttons are waterproof, which allows you to keep them clean with antibacterial liquids.

The Benefits of an Emergency Call Button

Whether you’re looking for a care alert system for yourself, a patient, or an elderly loved one, an emergency call button is what you need. There are various types of emergency call buttons available nowadays, from mobile GPS to bedside call buttons. Each button offers its advantages and should be considered a must when you or your loved ones start to require medical assistance. Here are some of the benefits you can take advantage of when you purchase an emergency call button.

  • Quick response and care. Having a nurse respond to your distress call is by far the best benefit you can receive from investing in an emergency call button. Should an elderly person fall and hurt themselves badly and can’t get up, they can alert a medical professional by simply pushing the button.
  • Keep your independence. Many elderly people prefer to keep their independence while still having access to emergency medical help. With our mobile call buttons, you can carry on with your daily activities while having peace of mind that should an emergency occur, you can get the help you need.
  • Easy to use. We design our care alert buttons to be user-friendly. There aren’t any complicated processes you need to perform to use them, keep your mobile button charged using the docking station, and for the bed buttons, all you need is an electrical outlet.

Tips for Purchasing a Senior Call Button

When you’re looking into purchasing a call button for an elderly friend or family member, there are a few things you need to consider. With all the call buttons available, making the right decision can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to remember when you make your senior call button purchase.

  • Consider the need. When choosing an emergency call button, you need to consider when you’ll need it. If you’re bedridden, you’ll require a button that can be attached to your bedside and that’s within reach. If you’re still mobile, you’ll want a call button that you can keep in your pocket while you’re around town.
  • Do your research. We stock a variety of call buttons, so before you make your purchase do your research about each one or ask us for our knowledgeable advice.
  • The bottom line. People want to save money where they can, and with our affordable emergency call buttons, you can rest assured that you can afford them.

Why Trust Us Regarding a Nurse Call Button?

At Safe-Life, we only stock products made by the best manufacturers in Australia and ensure that each range is made from durable materials that have a long lifespan if cared for correctly. We understand the need for various healthcare devices to make ones’ life easier, so we ensure we have a variety of products from which to choose. Contact us for more information about our call buttons, place an order, or get a quote.

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  • Medical Alarms with 3G Back Up

    Medical Alarms with 3G Back Up

  • Silicon Nurse Call Cord – Two Button – Call & Light Switch

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  • Silicon Nurse Call Cord – One Button

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  • Barrel Grip Pendant Cord - 5m - For nurse call

    Barrel Grip Nurse Call Cord – 3m

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  • Barrel Grip Pendant Cord - 5m - For nurse call

    Barrel Grip Pendant Cord – 5m – Mono 6.3mm Plug – Suits most nurse call systems where there is no over bed light switch on the corded pendant

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  • pressure pad nurse call cord

    Pressure Pad Nurse Call Cord

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  • pendant alert kit

    Pendant Alert Kit – Facility use

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  • Tear Drop Handle Pendant Cord 5 meters for nurse call

    Tear Drop Pendant Cord 3M

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  • Tear Drop Handle Pendant Cord 5 meters for nurse call

    Tear Drop Pendant Cord – 5 Meters

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  • Pendant Cord Clips - Pack of 10

    Pendant Cord Clips – Pack of 10

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  • Replacement Y Cable For All Safe Life Floor Mats with 6.35 Connector

    Replacement Y Cable For All Safe Life Floor Mats with 6.35 Connector

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  • Cura1 Personal Emergency Transmitter - Wireless Pendant

    Cura1 Personal Emergency Transmitter – Wireless Pendant – 2588

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  • Cura1 Wireless Magnetic Reed Switch

    Cura1 Wireless Magnetic Reed Switch – Monitors Doors & Windows – 3503

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  • Double Adaptor

    Double Adapter – 6.35mm connector – Suits All Brand Nurse Call Systems

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  • Triple Adapter For Nurse Call Point

    Triple Adapter – 6.35 Mono Connection For Nurse Call –

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  • falls monitor lead

    Monitor To Call Point Lead 2M

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  • Monitor Power Pack

    Power Pack for Safe Life and Cura1 Monitor – 2406

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Showing 1–16 of 25 results