How to use the NSW $1000 SafeWork small business rebate scheme for enhancing lone worker safety

Small businesses are often faced with challenging financial circumstances, especially when they are just starting. To keep their business going and avoid shutting down, many small business owners try their best to trim expenses in any way possible. It is for this reason that these small business owners may not be able to allocate funds for the various new ventures that they would like to implement. However, that does not mean that there are no options left for them.

Knowing about the different grants and schemes offered by the government is great for being able to take advantage of them where applicable. The NSW $1000 SafeWork small business rebate is one such scheme that can help small businesses stay profitable and continue growing. Let’s look at how you can use the rebate for enhancing lone worker safety in your business…

What is the NSW SafeWork Small Business Rebate?

Initially launched in October 2018, the SafeWork Small Business Rebate  is a grant scheme that offers small business owners and sole traders who have an ABN and less than 50 full-time employees the opportunity to receive a cash rebate offered by the NSW State Government. Charities and not-for-profits can also apply.

This rebate is intended to help small businesses that are committed to boosting worker health and safety in their workplaces. A rebate is a great option for businesses that are facing financial challenges and need to cut down on expenses. The purpose of the SafeWork small business rebate is to help small businesses purchase safety items to improve worker health and safety measures.

The program is administered by SafeWork NSW, and businesses can apply for funding by filling out the required online form.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For The NSW Rebate Scheme?

Any small business that meets the eligibility requirements can apply for funding. The rebates are available to all sectors and industries, including construction, healthcare, banking, and retail.

Small business owners and sole traders who have an ABN and less than 50 full-time employees. Charities and not-for-profits can also apply.

The application must be in the name of the registered business owner. The registered business owner must agree to the terms and conditions .

Who can’t apply

  • Businesses that have already received the rebate in the past five years. This includes businesses that have multiple ABNs and have already used one of their ABNs to claim a rebate.
  • a co-owner of an ABN where a rebate has already been paid to one owner (you can only use the same ABN once)
  • business owners where the business is not their primary source of income
  • large businesses that have over 50 employees
  • business owners that have already received a rebate for the eligible safety item from any Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government
  • a subsidiary of a larger business, government departments, councils, and voluntary associations.


Rebate Requirements You Should Know About

Before you apply, keep in mind that you must purchase the equipment and devices before they approved the rebate. To approve the rebate, you will have to show proof of purchase. In addition, you have to comply with all the conditions for the use of the funding, including completing the application form and complying with the requirements for providing evidence of purchase and the expenditure incurred.

What You Can Use the Rebate For?

You can use the funding for purchasing lone worker safety devices, systems, and other equipment.

The above list is not complete and you can find out more about the rebates on the SafeWork NSW website.

The rebates are a great option for businesses that need to protect lone workers, but cannot afford to do so. They can help you save money, so you do not have to cut corners when it comes to your lone workers’ safety.

You can get innovative safety items using the scheme.

Using the small business rebate scheme, you can obtain a variety of safety items. The Safe-Life 4G Lone Worker Alarm and the Watch Alarm 4G are two examples of goods that provide lone workers with the security they require. These items are classified as eligible safety items under the small business rebate scheme and are equipped with features that may help to safeguard lone employees. See section isolated at work > personal duress alarms.

What is the Safe Life 4G personal alarm?

The Safe Life 4G personal alarm includes a lot of clever features. It works in the same way as mobile phones, using cellular technology to send an alarm. It also includes A-GPS support for faster location tracking. When the user presses a button on the device, the alarm is sent to a list of contacts and can also be monitored. The Safe Life 4G personal alarm acts as a fall detector, making it an excellent safety gadget for workers alone.

Lone Worker Personal Alarm 4G with GPS Positioning


The NSW SafeWork Small Business Rebate scheme is a great option for businesses that want to protect lone workers and enhance health and safety practices in the workplace.

They can be used for purchasing lone worker devices and equipment. You can use the rebate to purchase safety communication devices, CCTV systems, safety lights, and more.



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