Place the Safety Mat on the floor beside the bed to cushion the fall should a resident accidentally roll out of the bed.

The Safety Crash Mat is used in nursing homes or hospitals for extra safety. It will help soften the impact if a resident was to fall from the bed to the floor.

They are most often used with electric beds that can be lowered closer to the floor. However regardless of the fall height the safety crash mat lessens the fall impact.

This thin yet soft floor mat is about 50 mm high, and is made from three sections of safety foam that are then covered by hinged nylon. This allows the mat to be easily folded for compact storage when your not using it.

The underside of the mat features a unique textured surface that prevents that mat from easily slipping if someone stands on it by mistake. However, the design of this textured surface is such that you can still reposition the mat with your foot, making it easy to manoeuvre without needing to bend over. It is only when pressure is applied to the mat that the surface will grip to the floor’s surface to stop the mat from sliding.

The Safety Mat includes a reflective strip that runs along the edge of the mat. This strip will glow in the dark or even when the lights are low to make sure the mat can be seen, and does not become a trip hazard.

The Standard mat measures 50mm thick, 1.7m length and 0.6m width.