Cura1 Seizure Alert Kit – Facility Use – 3010



Detect & raise an alarm as a seizure occurs. The SeizureAlert can detect seizure movement and also sound.

The Cura1 SeizureAlert is easily installed and economical (no ongoing costs or consumables). 

With battery backup and minimal false alarms, it connects easily with third party alarm devices and can be plugged into a nurse call system’s bedside call point for nurse call connectivity. 


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Detect & raise an alarm as a seizure occurs.

The Cura1 SeizureAlert Kit Facility can detect seizure movement and also sound.

Maximising Efficiency and Accuracy of the Cura1 Seizurealert Mat: Usage Guidelines and Recommendations

The Cura1 Seizurealert mat functions optimally when the user sleeps on a specific side of the bed, as close proximity enhances its effectiveness. If a user tends to move around or lacks a fixed sleeping position, sensitivity adjustments will be necessary. It’s important to note that increased distance from the mat necessitates higher sensitivity levels. However, this could inadvertently lead to more frequent false alarms due to the heightened sensitivity.

For users with a tendency to move frequently or for those using larger beds, such as queen-sized ones, we recommend deploying two Seizurealert mats. This setup allows for reduced sensitivity settings, thereby minimising the chance of false alarms. We strongly advise conducting thorough tests to ensure optimal functionality and accuracy.

SeizureAlert Kit Facility Features:

  • Detect & raise an alarm as a seizure occurs
  • Easy installation & setup
  • Economical (no ongoing costs or consumables)
  • Battery backup
  • Minimal false alarms
  • Connects easily with third party alarm devices
  • Can detect seizure movement and sound

Technical Specifications:

  • 12Vdc (standby current consumption < 100mA )
  • Integrated AC adaptor
  • Power fail LED indication
  • 12 hours standby battery backup
  • Fully user programmable
  • Adjustable sensitivity controls
  • Durable ABS plastic construction
  • Normally Open Relay alarm output
  • Dimensions 155 x 120 x 40 mm
  • Weight 350g

Cura1 SKU 3010

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