Safe Life Hardwired Chair Pad Kit – For Facilities



The Safe Life Hardwired Chair Pad kit comes complete and is ready to connect to an aged care facilities nurse call system via a residents over bed call point. Alternatively, it can be used as a standalone system which will emit a sound if the resident lifts themselves up off the seat.


Safe Life Hardwired Chair Pad Kits come complete with a power pack and batteries plus a 2 meter lead for connection to the nurse call system. The Safe Life monitor can also be used with Safe Life’s range of bed pads and floor mats. Its reliable, economical, versatile, easy to set up and use.

Special options include:
* Mains powered (via 9v plug pack supplied) or battery powered
* Instant or 3 second delay on activation
* Silent, alarm or chime sound with volume settings
* 30 sec temporary disable to allow carer to remove resident
* Automatic reset – In case carer forgets to turn it on – Saves time
* Comes with 3 mounting brackets (mounting arrangements)
* Economical chair pad replacement
* Low battery Indicator
* 12 month warranty, 6 month warranty on chair pad



Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 39 × 18 × 3 cm