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The Cura1 PreAlert Sensor Pad is unique because it gives a true early warning to the caregiver, unlike conventional sensor pads. As soon as the patient sits on the edge of the bed, the alarm sounds. This allows caregivers to get to the patients before they could make it out of bed by themselves. This way, they can provide them with the care they need and prevent them from falling or injuring themselves. In addition, the PreAlert cordless bed pad has a delay in the centre area so that false alarms are less likely to occur. Having low false alarms and an early alert when leaving the bed is one of the best solutions available.

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PreAlert Cordless Bed Pad 

The PreAlert Cordless bed pad is uniquely different from other Bed Alarms. It gives an early warning when a patient or resident sits or rolls to the edge of the bed, providing a caregiver more time to prevent a potential fall. In addition, the pad has a delay zone in the centre area to help minimise false alarms. 15 Month warranty & comes with transmitter.

PreAlert Cordless Bed Pads are smarter than conventional bed sensor pads. Their extended warranty, integrated design and multi-zone detection features make them a popular choice for Occupational Therapists and anyone working in a home care environment.

Available standalone (with transmitter) or as a kit – see options & descriptions on the dropdown menu.

Early Alert how to use


Default delay setting in the center greatly reduces the incidence of false alarms.

Repositioning in bed, e.g. rolling over onto one side, will not cause an alarm.

Sensor pad starts the alarm when the patient sits up and moves toward the edge of the bed.

This early alert helps prevent falls in hospitals, aged care facilities and in the home.

PreAlert Cordless Bed Pad Features:

  • Provides early warning when a patient or resident sits on the edge of the bed
  • Guaranteed 15 month warranty
  • Comes with transmitter & Rubber Band & Clip Set
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • No more cords between monitor and pads
  • Vent holes in the neck reduce the risk of moisture ingress


 Early Alert Cordless Bed Pad Technical Specifications:

  • Cordless Pad Transmitter (included) has 50 m* range
  • Cordless Pad Transmitter uses 433 MHz operating frequency
  • Dimensions 760 x 255 mm
  • Centre delay zone to help prevent false alarms
  • Made from easy to clean, non-allergenic soft PVC
  • Recommended weight range for reliable operation: 40 – 200 kg



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