Hardwired Bed Pad Kits

Hardwired Bed Pad Kits

The Bed pad has been used for many years within the aged care industry to prevent falls.

The industry grade PVC is surface cleanable and as a result will provide the home or aged care facility with a industry standard solution.

Hardwired bed pads send an alarm to a carer’s monitor when a resident attempts to move from a bed unassisted.┬áTherefore reducing the risk of a fall.

The Bed pad is made of a honeycomb matrix within the pad made of a sen

Due to the bed pad being installed on the bed under the mattress protector, this is inconspicuous to the resident, as a result providing even more successful than a traditional floor mat.

Pressure bed pads can be used as a stand alone system in a home environment or integrated into the a nurse call system.

Our Safe-Life kit’s come complete with all necessary items allowing for a plug and play system.

Items included in a kit for home use include:

Kits used for nurse call include:

Items in these kits can be purchased separately.

Bed pads provide reliability and prevent falls.