Call Point to Light/ Buzzer Kit


This system is ideal for disabled toilets, school sick bay rooms, small medical clinics and the like. It requires an electrician to provide a 12v power source to the call point and run a cable to the over door light. Cable length can be up to 400 meters. The over door light is fitted with a buzzer and will continue to sound and flash until the cancel button is pressed on the call point. The silicon call button is back lite and comes in green or red with either “Call” or “Emergency” printed. The call point is also fitted with a receiver as standard so if you wish you may purchase a remote pendant to remotely activate the alarm. Range is about 15 meters. If you require dual over door lights or something a little different please call us to assist. Also available is the call point with a pendant cord jack allowing you to connect a corded pendant. Please contact us if you would like the jack included. Being very reliable and having very little to go wrong you would expect to get many years of service from the Call Point to Light /Buzzer Kit.

See the demonstration videos below. Many different configurations of call points and lights with and without buzzers are also available. Speak to one of our sales team to request a quote. 


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