Emergency Pendants with GPS

Emergency ‘go anywhere’ Pendant with GPS positioning

Emergency Pendants with GPS feature the Safe Life ‘go anywhere’ Pendant with GPS.

Medical alarm pendants with GPS positioning are quite new to the industry and are extremely good value. These are ideal for home use but also for those who like to know ‘help is only a push of a button away’ whilst outside the home.

The Safe Life Pendant will work wherever there is Telstra Network coverage.

Pressing the SOS button will send an emergency SMS message to family and friends. This message will contain the user’s location which is viewable on Google Maps.  Ringing into the pendant will then automatically open up a two way voice contact path between the carer and the user.

Instructional videos for use and set up are available at YOU TUBE or click here.

The OH&S Safe Life Pendant

The OH&S version pendant is for loan workers and for those people who may need to call for help or assistance in the work environment. It is intended for applications outside the traditional medical caring-type roles. GST applies to the OH&S version Safe Life Pendant.